I was wrong on Crystal Deodorants (or Potassium Alum Crystal Deodorant Stone)

I always try to use natural and organic products when it comes to my skin and hair care routine.

However when it comes to deodorants, I kept using the conventional ones that I know work.

And these are the deodorant full of strong chemical formula to hide the unpleasant sweating odours that come after my usual Monday morning run to catch the train to work, and to be honest, every other mornings of the week…

I have tried natural deodorants without being really convinced.

They did work but would not last all day especially when taking into account my usual morning ‘sessions’.

Recently, however, I tired crystal deodorant and was pleasantly surprised that it worked for me.

Gossip Cosmetics

Potassium Alum Crystal Deodorant Stones

This was before I actually made some research about it and realized that it was not the safest move I could have made.

Deodorant stones are probably better than using conventional anti-perspirants but they are NOT aluminum free!

Therefore I have been exposing my body to this natural but still dangerous element (aluminum potassium sulfate), that is, according to some researches, a contributing factor to Alzheimer and kidney disease.

I feel a bit stupid here as there are so many articles about crystal deodorants and the fact they do contain aluminum!

I have tried to answer here the most common question that some people might still ask themselves when it comes to crystal deodorants: Is Alum safe to use?

This is what you can read online most of the time – There are two types of aluminums, processed or naturally occurring. The natural mineral (called aluminum potassium sulfate or Alum) doesn’t pose a risk because aluminum potassium sulfate molecules are too large to penetrate the surface of the skin’.

Okay, now let’s look more closely at that statement.  Aluminum potassium sulfate (Alum) is sold in its solid crystal form. The molecules create a crystalline structure which in this case is not easily absorbed by the skin.

However, when wet, the molecules break out from their crystalline structure and turn into ‘ions’. So, when you’re applying a wet crystal deodorant to your skin, you’re applying aluminum ions, the smallest possible form of aluminum, to your skin. Note that it is recommended to wet the crystal tube in order to apply it on the skin.

Therefore the aluminum potassium sulfate is in a much smaller chemical form and can easily be absorbed by the skin in that case.

The most scary bit for me is when I found out about a research made in 1998 highlighting the fact that aluminum potassium sulfate has a direct negative effect on learning, memory, and cholinergic system in mice when these are exposed to Alum daily for 60 days.
See research here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10437134

I agree, the research is quite old. However the conclusion for that research is clear that there is a relationship between aluminum potassium sulfate (APS) and memory deficits of mice.

I am obviously now considering again natural organic deodorant alternatives with the hope this time to find what on the market really works for me!

Are you using organic deodorant – what would you recommend?

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