Review on an excellent body oil!

I have decided I while ago that I wanted to change bit by bit my traditional cosmetic products for organic ones. And it is always a long and a bit frustrating process. As I found out it can be difficult to try beauty products before buying them, especially organic products (I don’t have a organic shop close to where I live – so I do mainly my organic shopping online…). And I have been disappointed by some of them, such as the Bourjois Bio-Detox Organic foundation that didn’t work on my skin at all.

Well today, when I was shopping at TK Maxx, I quickly looked at the beauty products they were selling and found two organic products at very good price. I thought I wouldn’t risk too much in buying them at more than 50% discount! 🙂

One of them was the Linden Leaves aromatherapy synergy body oil.


I have been so pleased by the smells and by the quick absorption by my skin that I have decided to write a review about it.

It comes in a 70ml bottle and it simply smells divine! It lifts up your mood immediately. The top lid offers an easy application on your skin.

It has a fresh smell that makes you want to apply a bit more than you should on your skin.

And that is what I have done! After applying it the first time on my skin, it didn’t have at all this usual oily sensation.

I couldn’t resist and applied it a second time shortly after as I was so please by it. And obviously it became a bit greasy on my skin…

The oils used in this product are a mix of ‘liquid-thick’ oils and ‘liquid’ oils (see table).

Therefore it helps to a fast abortion by your skin and still leaves it moisturized without leaving an oily layer – providing that your can resist to apply more than you really need!

I will see tomorrow if it really moisturizes my skin. I can see if a product is good for me if I wake up the morning and still have my skin soft. I have a fairly dry skin and without constant moisturizing every day, it becomes again quickly dry.

One thought on “Review on an excellent body oil!

  1. Which cosmetics says:

    This morning, my skin was still soft as expected. I have used again the oil after my morning shower. The perfume again was a pleasure to smell and the absorption was fast too – which for me a great plus as I don’t like to wait to long until my skin is dry enough to put my clothes on. I am not a morning person and always a bit late the morning! 😉


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