Finally, tests on animals are finally fully banned in Europe!

As you might know, a new EU cosmetic regulation will take effect in July 2013.

Although it will be fully implemented mid this year, already new rules are being compulsory.

A complete ban on the sale of cosmetics developed through animal testing has taken effect last march in the EU.

The ban applies to all new cosmetics sold in the EU.




In 2009 a similar ban has been put in place, but only on animal test made in the EU zone.

Now this ban has been expended outside of the EU borders.

In 2009 a similar ban has been put in place; however cosmetics firms were still allowed to continue testing on animals for the most complex human health effects, such as toxicity which might lead to cancer.

However, those tests now come under the ban too.

Any firm that wants to sell its products in the European market will have to prove it has not been tested on animals.

What a great move, after more than 20 years of campaigning on this issue by BUAV (The BUAV leads the global campaign to end all animal experiments.) and ECEAE (An alliance of organizations campaigning on behalf of lab animals)!

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